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Manual Therapy Is a specification within the physical therapy, which requires an additional examination. Manual therapy treats the arthro-neuro-muscular system. That means joint blockages and their muscular and reflctive fixations are being activated through special Non-impuls mobilisation.
CMD/TMJ (cranio-mandibular joint dysfunction) Is a functional problem of the temporal-mandibular joint and its surrounding musculature. Physical therapist´s need special training to mobilize that joint, ligaments and muscles.
Brügger Therapy Treats problems of the muscular sceletal system, which come mainly from poor postural habits. The patient receives a complete analysis of his posture, learns exercises to strengthen weak body areas and how to move correctly during daily activities.
Cranio – Sacral Therapy Through soft pressure from the therapist hands to the patients bones membranes and muscles – to the whole CS –System, the patient can relax and the system flows back into ist own rythem (independent from breath and heart beat). It helps with headache patients, high blood pressure. It relaxes people when their day is full hectic and stressful. (German general Insurance does not pay for it )
Manual Lymphdrainage (MLD) Helps to reduce edema and swelling in the tissues. MLDhas to be prescribed by the physican in increments of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
Pelvic floor exercises training Trains the pelvic floor musculatur of men.and for women post natal. Effective post operative or for general weakness of that musculature, especially with harn incontinence. (in most cases prescribed by gynacologists and urologists)
Classic Massage: Is the mechanical treatment of skin and the beneath underlaying tissues and muscles throughdifferent grip techniques. Massage improves local circulation. It regulates the tension of musculature and releases the body´s own healing substances such as histamin or acetylcholin.
Foot Reflex Zone Massage: Regenerates the bodys own healing forces.Experiences shwo that it deals with the relationship between feet and inner organs of our organism. Foot Reflex Zone Massage can help with migrane patients, problems of the digestive system and nervousness. (German general insurance does not pay for it).
Hot Stone Massage: Is a wellness massage with warm oil and hot basalt stones, which are applied to the whole body. It is like the classic massage – in that through the mechanical influence of skin, tissues and muscles, it improves local circulation, Relaxation of the musculature and releases body own healing substances like histamin and acetylcholin. (German general insurance does not pay for it.
Hot and cold packs: Improve circulation, help to resorb fibros muscletissues and fluids which have been collected in certain areas for example post traumatic injuries.. (It has to be described by the physician additionally to the P.T. prescription)



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